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Mr Jenkins said: “The attached photograph shows that by concerns have been vindicated”.Bellingen Shire Councillor, Steve Jenkins said he has been –sadly –vindicated after attending an incident at Dorrigo and he’s lashed out at the “unacceptable situation in terms of service delivery by the NSW Police Force”.
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“You may recall not long after being elected to Council, I expressed some concern over hoons doing ‘circle work’ or whatever you want to term it on the public grounds at the intersection of Railway and Ash Streets in Dorrigo,” Cr Jenkins said.

“I provided photos of wheel marks and damage to vegetation and road signage at the time.”

Now, Cr Jenkins said, there has been another incident.

“Fortunately, there were no injuries that I am aware of, and the two occupants scarpered away quite quickly.

“Unfortunately, though, I believe Fire and Rescue New South Wales (Dorrigo Station) turned out and spent an inordinate period of time on-scene awaiting the arrival of a patrol unit from the NSW Police Force.It is also possible that this vehicle was the same one that was driven into a shopfront in Dorrigo’s main street not long beforehand.

“I understand the police did not attend in the long-run, possibly as they were attending to jobs in other parts of the Bellingen Patrol Area, which includes the areas covered by the Dorrigo, Bellingen and Urunga Stations (an area borders by Sawtell, Valla Beach and almost to Ebor).

“I have been advised by numerous sources that it is not unusual for there to be only a single officer on duty for this entire area.

“Considering the distances involved, and that to get from one part of the area to another the Dorrigo Mountain has to be negotiated, this is an unacceptable situation in terms of service delivery by the NSW Police Force.

“Increased patrols by the Highway Patrol units, is also not an effective or satisfactory substitute or alternative to the provision of local policing services.

“As a Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteer, I experienced first-hand this lack of service delivery onSaturday (February 18) after I responded to a single vehicle crash on Tyringham Road near the intersection of Snows Road.

“Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, however the vehicle was partly blocking the road, thus we were required to remain there until the police and tow truck arrived. After being advised that the police were enroute on a number of occasions, including just 15 minutes away on one, police never arrived.

“So, I took possession of items from the road that identified the material which had spilled onto the road after a container had fallen from a vehicle at that location.

“It appears the driver of the vehicle lost control after driving over the area where this material was located.

“These items were subsequently handed to the Dorrigo Police on Wednesday to assist with their investigation, along with the identity of the alleged driver of the vehicle from which the container obviously fell.

“Five hours after my RFS colleagues and I arrived on scene, a tow truck finally arrived and removed the vehicle.”

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HEAD START: Participants at one of the first face-to-face intensive sessions as part of the new Horticulture Master Class being delivered in Tasmania by the University of Tasmania. A horticulture master class being delivered by the University of Tasmania and developed by two international universities has gotten underway in Victoria.
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The new master class in horticultural business is a new eight-month course developed byWageningen Academy in the Netherlands and New Zealand’s Lincoln University.

Themaster class is specifically designed for the upcoming leaders in the horticulture industry.

Participants will gain leadership and management skills that will enable you to take your career to the next level andwill interact with people who understand your business and who face the same challenges.

Enrolments will be limited, which means students can build high quality networks that will continue after the master class is completed.

It kicked off last week with the first of three face-to-face intensive sessions in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and is lead by UTAS’ Alistair Gracie.

“The Masterclass in Horticultural Business was designed to support the future growth and prosperity of Australia’s horticulture industry,” Dr Gracie said.

“The focus is on practical business skills that can immediately be put into practice, including business strategy, marketing, financial management and innovation, and entrepreneurship.”

Dr Gracie said the response to the eight-month program had been “outstanding”, which indicated it was meeting industry needs for professional development and innovation.

Houston Farm’s Petra Doust is one of the Tasmanian participants in the program and received a $10,000 vegetable scholarship supported by the national vegetable levy.

“I feel that I’m ready to take the next step in my career by focusing more on the business side of horticulture – and this program will support me to do that,” Mrs Doust said.

“The Masterclass presents me with an opportunity to empower myself with knowledge and I intend to use those learnings to empower other people.

“Knowledge can have far-reaching consequences and can have a positive benefit on the wider Australian horticulture industry.”

Dr Gracie said the program had received a high number of expressions of interested after it was announced last year.

The Masterclass is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia, which also supported participation in the program through a number of industry-backed scholarships.

More information is available online 梧桐夜网utas.edu419论坛/masterclass-horticultural-business

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Men’s CompetitionEx-vice captain DavidLubcke has come back with a vengeance and taken out Saturday’s Moore Enginering Stableford Competition with 41 points.
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The A grade placegetters were Mark Bolton on 35 pointson a countback from John McLaren.

The B grade placegetters were Wall Heyer on 38 points and Trevor Jones was runner up with 37.

In the C grade, Peter Jones was the winner with 38 over Dean Wright on 37.

Others worthy of mention on 36 points wasRob Magor, DesBehlau,JeffSmith and Squashy Squires.

Nearest the pins was Lubke on the second, Jeff Lipp on the fourth. Randall Cocks on the sixth, Jo Marcus on the 11thCraig Hogben on the 14thand Paul Harding on the 17th.

Trevor Jones won the Pro Comp with a back nine 21 points.

On Sunday the club held its official 2017 winter season Perrey and Bozetti opening day.

The men’s winners were Andrew Meddle and Mark Bolton with nett 59 and runners up were David Lubke and Michael Pottsmueller with nett 59.5.

The mixed winners were Ady and Dean Wright on nett 61 on a countback from Cathy and Kym Thomas.

Women’s CompetitionDue to Tuesday’s hot weather the women played a nine-hole Stableford competition.

The winner of the day was Dawn Stacey with 19 points, runner-up was Ellen Paech on 17, with Di Wickes and Lyn Jericho also on 17 coming in third and fourth respectively.

Jill Morrell received a golf ball sponsored by AM Kuchelfor winning nearest the pin on the 11thhole.

Junior player Armani Masters was the overall winner of last Saturday’s competition scoring 35 Stableford points.

The open placegetters were Maureen Edwards with 30 points and Mary Langsford Jnr also with 30 points.

Sue Antel is leading the Golfer of the Year award at this stage with 21 points, however with her absence from the course for the next few weeks she may be overtaken by Ellen Paech or Maureen Edwards who are only a few points behind.

Both players are rarely out of the place gettings putting in consistent performances.

Next week there will be no Tuesday competition due to coring of the greens however players are welcome to participate in Wednesday’s competition.

The Ladies Opening Day is Tuesday,March 14 which will be a Shot Gun Ambrose event followed by a pooled luncheon.

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AGENT ORANGE: Biosecurity officer Scott Sullivan with some of the chopped carrots that will be laced with the rabbit calicivirus to kill wild rabbits. Photo: DAVID FITZSIMONSPet owners have been warned to vaccinate their rabbits to avoid them being caught up in a national program to cull the wild rabbit population.
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Carrots laced with a new Korean strain of the rabbit calicivirus will be placed on farmland in the Central West this week in a bid to cut the rampant wild rabbit population causing significant property damage.Orange is among the 600 sites around Australia where the RHDV1 K5 will be unleashed.

Veterinary surgeons have warned the virus can be spread by insects and contact with infected rabbits through people, food, equipment and dust.

Dr John Tracey, the NSW Department of Primary Industries Invasive Species manager, who has been working on the virus release for several years, said the virus cankill pet rabbits.

“Vaccination is the number one action to take,” he said.

“It’s a good vaccine. It’s got a good 20 to 30 year track record.”

Dr Tracey said owners should also consider insect-proof cages.

He said the virus release was the first in more than 20 years and was aimed at seriously cutting Australia’sestimated 1.5 billion wild rabbit population.

“We’ve been working toward this week for the last six to seven years.

“They are by far our most significant pest animal.

“About $200 million a year is lost in agricultural production due to wild rabbits.”

Scott Sullivan, Biosecurity Officer with the Central Tabelands Local Land Services said they would placethe baited carrots at about fivesites around Orange from Friday.

“Wild rabbits don’t normally eat carrots but with the conditions at the moment we expect they will take up the carrots.”

He said it only needed a few rabbits to eat the killer carrots for the virus to be spread.

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CLEANING UP: Andrew Szyc from Peel TV has been kept very busy over the last few weeks. Photo: Gareth Gardner 240217GGB01THERE’S a good chance you might catch John Szyc outside doing rain dances in the near future.
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The Peel Television Services part-owner has seen a boom in business following recent storms.

“We’re averaging at least 20 TVs a day,” Mr Syzc toldThe Leader.

“They’re still coming in,I’ve never seen anything like it.”

It was a huge week for the Tamworth TV repair man who said heavy summer storms have wreaked havoc on sets right around town.

“It must have been quite a good storm,” he said.

Old and new TVs alike were caught up in the surge of repair-jobs for Mr Szyc and his six-strongteam.

Buthe was able to save most of the sets that came in.

“The ones we can’t save, there’s not much you can do,” he said.

“I feel sorry for the people seeing their TVs blown up like that.”

Mr Szyc said there was only one surefire method to avoid a power surge frying TV sets.

“Some peoplehave power surge protectors, it’s better to have something than nothing,” he said.

“If it’s a direct hit, it doesn’t matter what you have. No one knows what the voltage is when the lightning strikes.”

“The only thing you can do, 100 per cent, is pull the plugs out. The power plug and the antennae plug.”

LIMITED SCREEN TIME: The repair jobs have been stacking up for Peel TV services. Photo: Gareth Gardner 240217GGB03

The influx of TV repairs took Mr Szyc by surprise, but he anticipated the surge would die down.

“It’ll probably slow down the next couple of weeks,” he said.

“[But] we’re working long hours just to catch up.”

Mr Szyc laughed off the suggestion locals might see him out in the street performing rain dances to keep up the steady flow of work.

“It would be good if you could,I suppose,” Mr Szyc said.

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Some Wellington sporting clubs are facing gargantuan rises in preparation fees atcouncil-owned grounds while others may see theirs reduced.
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Wellington Soccer Association’s (WSA) clubpresident Geert Woldhuis has said annual feescould jump 233 per cent in 2018,while Wellington District Cricket Association (WDCA) president Jason Ryan said thetotal season cost will nearly triple.

Before any council subsidies, Mr Woldhuis saidWSA’s fees would increase from $2060 to $5471and Mr Ryan said WDCA’s could jumpfrom nearly $5000 to $14,242 over a 20 week season.

Dubbo Regional Council’s (DRC) recreation planning and programs manager Tracey Whillock saidaprocess of consultation and review with sporting ground user groups is underway inan effort to deliver the best level of service according to needs and affordability.

“DRC is in discussions with all sporting groups that use council grounds to find out what sport specific requirements and the level of service and support they need from council to enable them to conduct their training and competition,” she said.

Mr Wouldhuis said the clubs have been told they will be able to apply for grant assistance to help pay their fees –but it will be either state or federal funding, not council funding.

“We’ve been told we’ll be helped through the grant application processby the council, but they won’t help financially,” Mr Woldhuis said.

Wellington Cowboys secretary Ray Fabarsaid because several teams use their field, the Cowboys’ fee will likely fall.

“I’m happyas far as we’reconcerned,” Mr Fabar said.

Ms Whillock said the financial year of 1998/1999 was the last time a major review of sporting fees took place.

“The cost of DRC providing these sport specific requirements, such as line marking, litter control or setting up goal posts, have been calculated and provided to each Club so that they can review and confirm their requirements,” Ms Whillock said.

The mowing and general maintenance of the grounds and the scheduled weekly cleaning of the amenities are funded fully by Dubbo Regional Council.

“While the first step is to present the fees based on 100 percent cost recovery, to all sporting organisations, it is by no means the final calculation,” she said.

“The next step in the process is the proposed fees will be reviewed by council, and an appropriate subsidy will be determined with the subsequent discount being applied to all fees,” she said.

The discounted fees will go before both the Dubbo Regional Sports Council – Wellington and Dubbo General Meetings for feedback in early March.

Ms Whillock said sporting organisations and the community will also be provided the opportunity to make further submissions to council when the DRC Revenue Policy goes on public display.

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SALUTING: Port Hunter Conveyors took out the “gold helmet” trophy in 2016, winning the Hunter Safety Awards WHS Business of the Year.A panel of industry experts and sponsor representatives has chosen the finalists for the 2017 Hunter Safety Awards.
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Launched in 2016, the Hunter Safety Awards were developed to highlight and acknowledge companies and individuals within the Hunter region who are demonstrating best-practice and innovative approaches when it comes to workplace health and safety (WHS).

Hunter Safety Awards founder Sarah-Jane Dunford said it was a rigorous process, with a number of close decisions.

“The finalists represent a wide range of industries and sectors and the calibre of entries was impressive,” Ms Dunsford said.

The Hunter Safety Awards are supported by a range of local, national and international sponsors.

“Our major partner, Blackwoods, has returned for the second year of the awards, and without them we wouldn’t be able to recognise and reward our finalists,” Ms Dunford said. “We are also supported by 10 awards sponsors including University of Newcastle, Laing O’Rourke, Greencap, WesTrac, Lifestyle Cleaning Services, 3M, KONE, Hunter TAFE, uvex, John Holland Rail.”

Awards will be presented across 11 categories with the winners to be announced at a gala event on Friday, March 17, 2017, at Newcastle Exhibition & Conference Centre (NEX).

Tickets are available for the event by visiting 梧桐夜网huntersafetyawards南京夜网419论坛.

FINALISTSORGANISATIONSAirspeed Aviation, Anglican Care, Asset Training, Body & Mind 2000, Compass Housing, CQMS RAZER, DADM Enterprises, Hunter Engineering and Fabrication, Hunter TAFE, HVTC, Laing O’Rourke, Lakecoal, Mahtech Industries, Mainstream Industries, Newcastle Mens Shed, Newcastle Rescue and Consultancy, NovaSkill, Port Stephens Council, Programmed Skilled, Service Stream, Supplied, Take5Apps, Training Wheels, Valley Electrical & Air, WorkPacINDIVIDUALSJames Brown, John Hamson, Kim Skeffington, Lauren Meldrum, Leah Pringle, Lee Oakman, Lindsay Holt,Steven Whitehead

A technology upgrade will increase efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness at Moss Vale Courthouse.
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The $160,000 upgrade, which includes a high-definition audio visual link (AVL), will allow the court to receive evidence from witnesses in offsite locations.

NSW Attorney General Marck Speakman SC said the upgrade would make hearings more efficient and secure.

“Expert witnesses who can’t attend court because they are interstate or overseas will be able to testify via AVL and the technology will also be used to hear bail applications made from custodial facilities,” he said.

“AVL reduces the need to transport prisoners substantial distances for short court appearances, and this cuts cost, minimises delays and increases safety.”

The court will also receive a laptop for presenting evidence and a document camera, which willmagnifyexhibits and project them onto a new 65-inch LCD screen. This willenable all parties in court to examine evidence in intricate detail at the same time.

Member for Goulburn Pru Goward said the upgrade would improve technology used by vulnerable witnesses who give ‘in-camera’ evidence from a private room in the courthouse.

“It’s important to provide children, sexual assault and other particularly vulnerable victims with a private and comfortable space where they can testify – away from the stressful courtroom environment,” she said.

The Moss Vale Courthouse registry will remain open during the upgrade, which is due to start March 6 and be completed by March 22.

Court sittings will be transferred to Picton Courthouse during this period.

A Department of Justice spokeswoman said the renovation would have no impact on the cases scheduled during those dates.

“The only difference will be the location where the matters are heard,” she said.

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Jy Simpkin
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THE Murray Bushrangers will finalise their list of 50 players after Saturday’s practice match against Bendigo Pioneers at Punt Road Oval.

Officials have already pruned the numbers from 105 to 65 with talent manager Mick Wilson saying it had been an arduous process.

Former Bushranger Will Brodie impressed for Gold Coast against Essendon last weekend. He is a chance of making his debut in round one.

There will be more bottom than top age players in the final squad.

“It’s tough,” Wilson said.

“I’m really impressed with the way the coaching staff has gone about it and the process LeeFraser has put in place though.

“We will have more bottom age kids this season which is a bit different to what has happened in previous years.

“There is a really good group of 17-year-olds coming through.

“We had quite a few strong top age kids last year and, all of a sudden when you lose them, some changes tend to happen.”

The Bushrangers, who played off in last year’s grand final, had10 players drafted onto AFLlists including first-round selectionsWill Brodie andJy Simpkin.

They have already played for Gold Coast and North Melbourne in JLT Community Series pre-season matches.

Ryan Garthwaite, Esava Ratugolea,HarryMorrison, Todd Marshall,Max Lynch,Zach Sproule, James Cousins andLachie Tiziani were either drafted or placed on a rookie list.

Coach Leon Higgins will have Benalla’s Daniel Preston, Seymour’s Ben Davey and Numurkah’s Mark Brown as his backline, midfield and forward-line assistant-coaches this season.

Former Wangaratta big-manDale Carmody will assist the tall forwards and ruck division.

Higgins said he has been pleased with the Bushrangers’ pre-season.

“We have concentrated a lot on line specific stuff for the boys,” Higgins said.

“Without wanting to pigeon-hole them as players, we wanted to give them extra coaching in particular positions and that allowed our assistant-coaches a little more to do in the pre-season.”

The Bushrangers’ season starts in Melbourne on March 25.

Meanwhile, Porepunkah young gunChloeBrain will captain the Murray Bushrangers in the AFL Victoria under 18 girls competition this season.

The Bushrangers will kick off their season against Bendigo Pioneers at Punt Road Oval from 4pm on Saturday.

A squad of 25 will be announced on Thursday.

Twelve teams will compete in the inaugural season with five rounds being played in March and April.

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Proud pilot: The first woman to qualify to be a drone lifesaver pilot, Toni Hurkett of Port Macquarie. Photo: Ivan SajkoTHE first 12 lifesaver drone pilots trained by the new state-of- the-art drone pilot training schoolin Port Macquarie were welcomed at a ceremony on February 28.
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The Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaving Unmanned Aerial Training School is Australia’s first training school for people to operate drones.

The drones will be used to patrol beaches up and down the coast, enabling lifesavers to deliver help to people in the water, to spot sharks and even deliver messages to people who may be heading into dangerous waters.

The academiesfirstwoman to qualify to be a drone lifesaver pilot, Toni Hurkett of Port Macquarie, said it was an amazing feeling.

“The training was a little bit challenging but it was a great opportunity,” the Port Macquarie surf life saving club member said.

“When I first heard about it, I wanted to get involved straight away.Learning to fly them was difficult in a sense that it was like nothing I’d ever done before.

“We picked it up relatively quickly and by the end of the four day course I was had the hang of it.”

She said the way it will improve lifesaving is “phenomenal”.

“We will still use all of our original methods, but this will help us to do our job by providing a higher level of life saving,” she said.

Member for Port Macquarie, Leslie Williams, said the NSW Government is committed to working in conjunction with Surf Life Saving NSW and Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter.

“The Government has allocated $11 million over three years to fund water safety projects to reduce the incidence of drowning across the State, which includes $4 million for Surf Life Saving NSW to enhance their rescue capabilities,” she said.

“New technology such as the Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver may present safer ways for our lifesavers to patrol the coast.

“This is an exciting concept for our area which will see people trained to operate drones specifically to assist in the saving of lives.

The training school is located in the purpose-built Surf Live Saving NSW administration building in Central Road in Port Macquarie.

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