WHETHER you like it or not, the future of jobs, business and the world as we know it, ischanging.
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So it makes sense that we would need to change the way we teach, and learn, to stay at the cutting edge.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has recognised these changing timesand didnot want our kids to be left behind.

In a major overhaul of the High School Certificate syllabus outlinedlast week, NESA announced an approach to education with more “rigour and depth”, which would equip students with the skills they need to be successful in the real world.

Feedbackfrom more than 7000 academics, teachers and students on the subject changes was also taken into account when determining the changes.

It’s what you could call a “back to basics” approach – it’sremoving information that can not be translated to everyday life and bringing in skills such as writing and comprehension, and revised mathematics, that could potentially meanthe difference between obtaining employment, orbeing left behind.

It was a decision that was applauded by many, but it also came under intense scrutiny from parent groups and advocates, many who were concerned that teachers would only have about three terms to get their head around changes to major subjects.

The syllabus is expected to be implemented for year 11 students from next year.

Concerns were also raised about inconsistencies in teaching methods, with a basic approach to English but a futuristic approach to subjects including maths, modern history and physics.

In Tamworth on Tuesday, the man at the centre of the change, David de Carvalho spoke about the role regional centres would play in implementing this change and he relied on the feedback ofour local school principals and teachers to ensure the changes are beneficial for kids into the future.

Mr de Carvalho said the changes to the HSC were part of a special focus on students mastering core components of their subjects, in preparedness for what they would need for the rest of their lives.

If change and innovation means our children will go on to be successful, well rounded people, and indeed positive community members, then we should be all for it.

After all, if children are our future, they need to be prepared for what’sahead.

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