WINNER: Georgetown newsagents Paul Smith and Kim Monaghan on Wednesday. Picture: Brodie OwenANSWERthe phone.

That was the message from NSW Lotteries on Wednesday after another lottery win in Newcastle –this time for a staggering $10 million –but it was a windfall yet to be claimeddespite repeated attempts by lotteries staff to contact the winner.

The ticket was sold at Georgetown Newsagency and was registered.

It was the only division one winner in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto jackpot, and is the second lottery win to sweep Newcastle in a week, after a man came forward at the weekend to cash in a year-old ticket bought at Marketown to win $1 million.

NSW Lotteries spokesman Matt Hart said several attempts to contact the winner using their “Players Club” registration details were unsuccessful.

Mr Hart pleaded with the winner to answer the phone so NSW Lotteries could “break the news that they’re now $10 million richer”.

“We don’t know if this winner knows about their huge $10 million windfall yet, but we’d love to get them on the phone to confirm the news to them. I suspect it’s really going to turn their week around!” he said in a statement.

“If you bought a ticket at Georgetown Newsagency in last night’s Oz Lotto draw and your phone is ringing, please pick up! You’ll really want to take our call!”

Georgetown Newsagency owner Paul Smith said he was thrilled to have sold the winning ticket.

It is the newsagent’s first division one winner since taking over the store three years ago.

“I’ve never heard of it [the prize money] getting over $5 million in Newcastle,” Mr Smith said. “I haven’t heard of anything this big in a single win before.”

His wife, Kim Monaghan, predicted the $10 million win would be life-changing.

A savvy Georgetown butcher senses a new business opportunity … pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训/S0CTTyv4Le

— Brodie Owen (@Brodie_Owen) March 1, 2017

“When I heard, I just said ‘wow’,” she said. “Ten million is a lot of money. To the winner, congratulations, well done, I hope it makes a big difference to your life.”

There was a buzz in Georgetown after the win. A butcher sought to capitalise on the stroke of luck by putting out a tongue in cheek sign to entice passers-byto “Lotto winning meat” of “millionaire quality”.

The winning numbers were2, 37, 26, 17, 42, 33 and 27, with supplementaries 44 and 4.

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