Litter, leaves blamed for M1 Dapto flood chaos BLOCKED: A roads worker uses a broom to clear a drain on the northbound roadside. Once cleared, the water took less than five minutes to subside. Picture: Robert Peet
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HAZARD: Southbound traffic is reduced to a single lane as flood water inundates the roadway. Picture: Robert Peet

OUT OF BUSINESS: A tow driver inspects a delivery truck sidelined with serious damage to its front end. Picture: Robert Peet

A Mitsubushi Triton carrying a shocked Greg Borg comes to a rest on the roadside.


“When I came to a rest the only thing I could think of was, who’s going to hit me next?.

“I’ve got a wife and a daughter.I thought,‘I’m not going tosee them again’.”

Mr Borg suffered shock and aggravated a pre-existing injury, and was taken to Wollongong Hospital as a precaution.

According to an RMS spokesman, the road shoulder was swept with a vacuum broom a fortnight ago and the drains were clearedlast month.

“[The] blockage was caused by litter thrown from vehicles and leaves which washed down from further up the road, given the heavy rain which fell in a short time frame,” the spokesman said.

“Twice weekly inspections of the road network are carried out and blocked drains are reported and immediately attended to, while the shoulder is swept monthly to remove litter and other debris.”

Prior to the flooding, the roadway had beenscheduled to close in early April to allow roads workers to collect litter and clear gutters and drains, the spokesman said.

“A strategy is being developed to target critical areas of the network to address extreme weather events.”

The flood water quickly vanished as road workers used their hands and a broom to unblock the drains.

The truck driver was uninjured however 15 fresh food orders bound for the South Coastwould go undelivered, said Leisure Coastco-directorMichael Braidotti.

Mr Braidotti said the truck “slid” the length of the Fowlers Road bridge overhead then came to rest against the concrete roadside barrier.

“He hit the brakes,” Mr Braidotti said. “The road was wet it was raining and he’s just slid.He was very shaken up over it all.”

No one was injured in a separate collision which occurred in the northbound lanes.

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